Overall Care and Service

Emily R
Wonderful, caring healer Ann Marie is genuinely warm and caring individual, who is also thoughtful, deliberate and highly professional. She listens closely, and spends whatever time is necessary to allow a patient to communicate his/her needs. I have had acupuncture from numerous professionals and she has the gentlest touch of them all. I could not recommend her more highly.
Joan M
Outstanding care, exceptional results! "Ann Marie is exceptional. She is kind, thoughtful and accomplished. She Ann Marie is a good listener, a caring person and a gifted acupuncturist. I have experienced significant results from her treatments for a variety of ailments, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, arthritis and stress. I highly recommend Ann Marie."
Lanette A
A healer with heart Ann Marie is a caring, attentive, skilled practitioner. Her patients' know she is invested in their health and well-being, a true partner in healing. I leave every appointment feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. 
Thank you! In just a couple visits you've done more for my 89 year old mom than M.D.s have done for her in years. You listen to her, you touch her, you treat her with respect; like a person, not just some old lady. She thinks the world of you and calls you, "Dream on Wheels." Thank you so very much.
Very gifted and wise practitioner Ann Marie is a rare mixture of scientific knowledge and intuition, a true healer who understands the art and science of tuning into each unique individual's needs. She brings a wide variety of healing techniques to the table beyond and including needles. She really takes the time to understand your health history and your lifestyle to put together your customized treatment plan. I am grateful to have found her.
Exceptional Gift Ann Marie has a rare quality that few individuals are blessed with. She has the ability of making a person feel calm no matter how stressful life gets. Throughout the treatments, we tackled the health ailments, but also discussed lifestyle changes that I was able to make in order to feel better. Every conversation is a dialogue and she knows how to approach every person as an individual, rather than a standard case. 
Very Comprehensive Service I have seen numerous other therapists in the past and Ann Marie by far has one of the most caring and comprehensive approach. She is personable and empathetic. She listens well and narrowed down the problem quickly. I felt reengergized after my treatment.
Acupuncture amazing results Ann Marie creates a wonderful space for healing and release. My treatments helped me get out of a chronic stress pattern and connect again with my whole self. Her ability to listen, check pulses, and use her wisdom to find the right treatment to assist you in the most effective way never ceases to amaze and inspire me. I would recommend anyone to just give her a chance to assist you. You will not be disappointed. I am grateful for getting to have her healing acupuncture!
Claudia W
Excellent results Ann Marie is extremely accomplished and knows how to treat such an extensive array of issues. I am always amazed. She has made a real difference in my health!!
Katalin B
Ann Marie is wonderful I have been coming to this office for more than 6 months now. Ann Marie's positive attitude always makes my day. The treatment would not be as good without her passion to this field. She makes acupuncture not just physically, but emotionally healing.
Melissa S
Amazing Acupuncture Experience My acupuncture treatment with Ann Marie at Altos Medical Acupuncture was amazing! This was my first experience with acupuncture and I am so happy I tried it! She was very understanding, professional, and gentle throughout the treatment. I felt very relaxed once it was done. I can't wait to go back! I high recommend Ann Marie.
Al R.
Feeling Good Ann Marie has a talent for making people feel good. Her personal style relaxes you from start and her technique leaves you floating on air. She has good music too!
JoAnn B
Outstanding and Caring Treatments This has been my first experience with acupuncture and have been very impressed with the superior care and overall concern of Ann Marie to help me achieve a healthier life. I feel so much better after my acupuncture treatments and really appreciate her advice. 
Christina M.
Highly recommended! Ann Marie is warm, friendly, and has a wonderful presence. She is professional & knowledgeable, and able to describe the concepts in ways I can relate to. Acupuncture is new for me so I appreciate her taking time to explain what she is doing and why. When it comes to the needles....no problem! Her insertion technique is perfect. Each treatment I've had so far is relaxing and I leave her office feeling centered and calm.
Incredible I recently saw Ann Marie while I was in town on vacation. Her thorough, intuitive, and introspective style was so comforting. She really knows her field so well. Don't hesitate to see her no matter what. She is one of the best practitioners I've ever experienced. Her gentle and calm manner for acupuncture was truly exceptional. She is terrific. You are lucky to have her in your community! Many thanks Ann Marie!
Appreciative You do so much good for so many people. I hope your know how much you are loved and appreciated. I'm always excited to come in for my monthly treatments.  
Excellent personal service Ann Marie is always very attentive and listens to my concerns. I have noticed a considerable difference in my symptoms and will continue visiting Altos Medical as long as possible.

Excellent! I am a 66 year old active woman with a number of age-related inconvenience, including muscle aches, joint pain, and bladder control problems. Ann Marie is very good in the interview portion of my appointment. She gets to and treats the root cause of my ailments. I am feeling so much better! She is so kind and compassionate too. I give her an A+.
Marion R
Caring and Knowledgeable I have been receiving acupuncture from Ann Marie for over 2 years. My initial concern was seasonal allergies that improved greatly with treatment. With regular treatments, I am nearly symptom free. Ann Marie is very skilled at asking questions and tailoring sessions to address my specific needs. She is very concerned with the total wellness of her patients. Based on her suggestions, I have made several changes to my eating and sleeping habits.
Compassionate care Ann Marie is a very compassionate, caring, & talented practitioner. She is a good listener. She pays close attention to one's needs and concerns. I highly recommend Ann Marie.
You saved me You have helped me so much! You saved me from physical pain, emotional breakdown, and you saved my marriage. You gave me a place to be myself and support me through one of the most difficult times of my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Growing excellent practice Ann Marie has created a professional, comfortable environment. She is a caring and adept practitioner and has given me highly effective treatment for chronic peripheral neuropathy, various temporary conditions, and general wellness immune support. I highly recommend her!
Great session I so love visiting Altos Medical Acupuncture. The atmosphere is soothing and I feel so much peace there. I have derived true healing under Ann Marie's care. I can't recommend her enough.
Highly Recommeded I was very pleased with my initial appointment and introduction to acupuncture. The office and acupuncture room were very cozy, calming, and serene. Ann Marie treated me and spent time getting to know me, and learning about the problem for which I was seeking treatment. She was knowledgeable and articulate. Once she determined and communicated what treatment would be most beneficial, her placement of needles was painless. I left feeling very relaxed.
April D.
Caring and effective treatment I really enjoyed meeting Ann Marie and learning more about acupuncture. I would highly recommend her as an acupuncturist.
Consultation I recently met with Ann Marie and talked with her about my needs. She explained about treatments with acupuncture. I was enlightened about the process to help me decide what I wanted to do. Ann Marie is a very good listener. She answered all my questions and covered all issues I wondered about. 

Stress & Rejuvenation

Amazing Treatments Ann Marie's treatments are amazing! After my weekly appointment, I feel revitalized and ready to start my week. Her knowledgeable application of acupuncture and herbs for stress relief, healthy nutrition, and overall emotional support for an overly scheduled woman has brought a profound change to my life. I highly recommend Ann Marie and Altos Medical Acupuncture.
Relief from stress Ann Marie has been helping me get relief from my stress. After each appointment, I feel relaxed and better able to deal with my stress. I have learned different ways to handle it and get beyond it. 
Wonderful Your approach and communication with patients is refreshing. You have such a kind and loving way about you. It can be felt when you walk into the clinic. You are so good at what you do. Thank you for the wonderful care.
First Visit My first visit was a great experience in every way possible! I immediately liked Ann Marie, and had a completely painless acupuncture session. For the first time in weeks, I slept like a log. Thank you!
Sharon Grennan
Journey to Wellness I have been going to Ann Marie since November 2013. It has been a healing experience. While I had no serious complaint, my goal was to work on total wellness. Ann Marie is very client-centered and encouraged me to look at all areas of my life to achieve more balance. I have changed my eating habits, sleeping pattern, and now exercise regularly. My overall constitution is much improved! I am grateful for Ann Marie's nurturance and skill with acupuncture. 
Supportive and Receptive Ann Marie is such a supportive, warm, caring practitioner. She has a gentle touch and her acupuncture has left me feeling restored and relaxed. She is very nurturing and really cares about improving my overall health. 
John H
Great Experience Ann Marie was professional, gentle, caring, and completely in tune with my needs for my acupuncture treatment. It was a great experience where I felt extremely relaxed, less stressed, and rejuvenated once it was complete. I highly recommend seeing Ann Marie. Thanks again!
Healing presence It was by chance I found acupuncture and Ann Marie. I was searching for overall wellness and balance in my life. Ann Marie has been a catalyst in my journey. I found the treatments very effective, relaxing, and healing. Ann Marie has been a real gift and I can only encourage others to consider giving themselves the gift of this experience. 
You get me I can tell by the way you look at me and listen that you understand. You really get where I am coming from. I feel so good after my treatments. Thank you so much!


Bindi g
Ann Marie is the best! I have been seeing Anne Marie for menses-related problems for 1 1/2yrs; she has been able to control that problem beautifully. Most recently I came to Ann Marie with an acute sciatica inflammation. I had been in unrelenting pain for 2 days and Ann Marie was able to give me a treatment and reduce the pain by 95% during that visit. The pain has not returned!
Jack L
Wonderful Experience I was referred to Ann Marie Deas by m Physical Therapist. I had been suffering sharp pains in my lower back after I had walked for 5 or 10 minutes. I would have to stop and sit down to let the pain to dissipate. Then I would walk again and the pain would come back in a short time. At my first session with Ann Marie we talked about my symptoms and suggested a combination of deep massage at the area of the recurring pain. In addition to the massage, she also added acupuncture to the mix. I think we started with two sessions a week about 3 months ago. As we have proceeded, the pain has been reduced dramatically. We kept lengthening time between sessions to the point that I see her once a month. Ann Marie is a very knowledgeable, professional and caring person. I highly recommend her to any person who is looking for an alternative approach to heath that doesn't rely the traditional medical treatment as we know it.
Jan St. Clair
Migraine Ann Marie spent considerable care getting my migraine to go away. I was miserable and spent from the pain. She reduced the pain by the end of the treatment and the effects continued with headache gone an hour later. Thank you, Ann Marie!!
Chris B.
No more pain! My first treatment was amazing! I was able to hike in the snow for 5 days without any pain, tendonitis, or inflammation. I haven't felt that relaxed in years. I've been telling everyone how amazing you are!
Amazing results I was suffering from severe cardiac arrhythmia to the point where it was keeping me awake at night. I did go to Kaiser for a diagnostic work-up, and was told it was just PACs and nothing to worry about. They offered beta-blockers, which I refused. Ann Marie treated me according to my symptoms, and one hour later, the arrhythmia which had been going on for a full month stopped, and hasn't returned so far. I am very grateful! Kaiser is amazed but no as surprised as one would think. :)
So much help I recently had reconstructive breast surgery. There is a great deal of pain involved with this procedure. I was given pain meds by the surgeon which didn't do much. The answer to my pain was the treatment given to me by Ann Marie. I saw her twice in the first week post-op, and it was the best relief I had. She knows what she is doing, and she is so lovely to work with. I can't say enough about her.
Gives me hope I went to Altos Medical Acupuncture with a horrific fibromyalgia flare-up. Ann Marie was very thorough, very kind, and best of all, I left with a feeling of empowerment and HOPE! It's one thing to take pills to treat the pain after the fact, but it is so much better to do something proactive like this. I look forward to continuing my treatments with her. She is so great and explained everything before she did it. Thanks!
Healer What a wonderful healer! I see Ann Marie for arm issues akin to carpal tunnel. As a professional I have a lot of computer work and general stress that she is very effective at helping me relieve.
Great! I wish every doctor would provide the same level of personal care and commitment to helping the patient as Ann Marie does at Altos Medical Acupuncture. I suffer from chronic pain and have seen too many doctors to count along with trying several other acupuncturists in the area. This is the first time that I leave feeling like the pain is so much better! Instead of taking pain killers for temporary relief, I feel like I am actually doing something to heal. I highly recommend!
Gail L.
Superb! I see Ann Marie regularly for acupuncture to help treat chronic fatigue syndrome. She is an intelligent and skillful acupuncturist whose treatments, gently administered in a serene uplifting environment, reduce symptoms, strengthen, and energize. She is exceptionally supportive and caring. I highly recommend her.
Beverly E.
Recommended Ann Marie is personable and informative. I recommend her gentle and effective style for the work she has done for my lower back pain. 
Up for the challenge Ann Marie is caring and knowledgeable. She perseveres in dealing with my chronic pain, lessening the severity and encouraging me along the way. Acupuncture saved me when Western Medicine was at a loss. Thank you Ann Marie for continuing to give the fine care I enjoyed from your predecessor. You filled very big shoes with grace and talent.
Beth B
Excellent practitioner!! I started seeing Ann Marie due to experiencing incessant pain from pericarditis. Her acupuncture methods helped get my body out of a pain loop and reduced my stress. After seeing Ann Marie for a complicated issue I can say, that 6 months later my health has significantly improved. Ann Marie is a very kind, compassionate and understanding person and is very good at what she does! She also makes the experience educational which is something I enjoyed. I always felt relaxed, comfortable and re-energized after our sessions. I highly recommend her, and she will always be my go-to for acupuncture.